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Our company offers a wide range of high-quality large format printing and finishing equipment that is designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various industries. From banners and signs to vehicle graphics and displays, our cutting-edge equipment is capable of producing outstanding results with stunning clarity and precision. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, ensuring that every client receives the personalized attention they need to achieve their goals. Whether you are looking to enhance your brand visibility, generate more leads, or simply create stunning visuals for your business, we have the tools and expertise to help you achieve your goals. We are committed to providing the best value for your investment and strive to exceed your expectations with every project. Contact us today to learn more about our large format printing and finishing equipment and how we can help you take your business to the next level!

Wall Paper

Wall covering and decoration is a huge, promising market that has been based on a completely analogue production process for a long time. But it is now slowly but surely turning digital. Various media and techniques are used: Wall paper: the traditional paper roll, often with a texture, that later is glued to the wall/object. Pre-glued papers are also on the market. Wall coverings: a textured synthetic media, with or without a self adhesive layer and backing liner. Media The most common type used in today’s market is a textured, self-adhesive vinyl. Colorado series When designing the Colorado 1650, we targeted the matte finish to have a specific velvety look. We tested and trailed it with interior decorators and this is paying off. We see that Colorado 1650’s matt finish is the preferred look over other technologies for all things interior décor and the Colorado is being adopted by the market’s specialists. The interior décor market is booming: Customisation is key, mass personalisation is the norm. But if everybody wants it, why isn’t everybody doing it? Find out more why with UVgel, it’s digital, done right.


Print your paint. These are artistic prints, reproductions of paintings or photos on a canvas or a canvas-like medium. This is an indoor application, with a typical life time of a few months up to several years. Media The media that is used for this is usually a coated canvas or a convas-looking textile or woven synthetic.


Tell the world. POP Advertising— disposable posters. This is a common, large market application, used for short term promotional advertising and display purposes. The application is used both indoor and outdoor. It often consists of short runs with very fast turnaround times. The typical lifetime of this application is between a couple of days up to one month. Application requirements Maximum visual impact: you need punchy, vibrant colors and (if indoor) in high quality (despite it being disposable). Very short use, so less expensive media is preferred. Media The most commonly used media are (poster) paper, self-adhesive vinyl and self-adhesive paper.

Soft Signage

Fabrics with an edge. Fabrics are used to create lightweight, flexible advertising panels and displays. They are often preferred over standard self-adhesive panels, posters or displays because of the easy handling and more luxurious perception. A second use of soft signage is interior decoration. For a large part of the market, printing on fabric is done with a dye-sublimation process: this requires special printing machines with special dye inks, in combination with a separate transfer and sublimation process. These printers are single purpose machines. UVgel does not intend to offer a replacement solution for dye sublimation printers, but rather to offer the ability to print on a limited number of textiles. Media The media used for this are mostly synthetic (polyester) fabrics. UVgel can be used to print on a range of soft signage materials.


Outdoor & Event banners This is signage in the form of flexible banners for outdoor use and promotional advertising. Sometimes this application is also used in doors. The intended lifetime can range from one day (a single event), to several months (seasonal promotion) and even up to one or more years (permanent display). Application requirements Low cost. Outdoor durability: scratch resistance and light-fastness (resistance to colours fading overtime). Media The media used for this is mostly vinyl outdoor banners of which a wide variety is available. This is a very competitive market space and prices are under constant pressure. Alternative media such as PET or Tyvek are sometimes also considered, but cost is always an important factor in this market space. Indoor film & roll-up banner Very temporary, short lifetime displays in the form a flexible film and roll-up banners. Application requirements High quality prints. Using inexpensive film Media The media used is a cost-effective plasticfilm, most often Polypropylene and PVC.

Customised Products

The sky is the limit Unleash all your creativity! Changing the face of retail with digital printing Back in the day, retail was all about stocking the shelves, putting on a smile and opening the door to shoppers and their money. Today it’s altogether different. The retail market has had to evolve to keep pace with what is now a highly competitive space. It’s more than a place for transactions. It’s about unique experiences, brand temples, pop-up stores, subscription models, and bricks-and-mortar spaces that are more showroom than market stall.


The opportunities are endless. This evolving and demanding market provides many opportunities For Arizona and Colorado printers. Together with ProCut digital cutting solutions and associated software it is possible to create: Packaging prototypes (samples) with short timeline and multiple iterations for quick approvals Short-run production in full color for cost effective production when jobs are too small for offset or flexo printing presses Point-of-purchase display production – design and produce displays, stands or pop-ups cost efficiently and with quick turnaround Turnkey packaging solutions for designers and advertising companies – one-stop-shopping

Point of sale

This is a common application serving a large market for both indoor and outdoor advertising, branding and display purposes. The life time typically ranges from one to six months. Lamination is also often done for additional mechanical protection. This application isoften used to build brand identity. Application requirements High quality output. A good visual impact and colour accuracy. Colour consistency is needed between different runs, different media andover time. Media The media used for this application are (poster) papers, self-adhesive vinyls and synthetic films.

floor Graphics

This is promotional advertising or signage on indoor flooring. The typical lifetime of this application can be very temporary or semi permanent. Application requirements Apart from the regular requirements for promotional advertising such as colour gamut and accuracy, the main requirement is mechanical toughness. Especially scratch resistance is crucial. For example; in a shopping mall an industrial cleaning cart will go over the floor with dry and wet brushes several times a day.


Backlit advertising—Light boxes This is an compelling application as this is typically sold at higher margins, but it has some special requirements. To print backlit applications, a lot of ink is required on the media in order to block out the light in darker areas and to have fully saturated colours. Media The media used is mostly translucent polyester or acrylic film. For wide format light boxes backlit banner is used.

wood paneling

Wood panelling and interior wall coverings can now incorporate digitally printed images which replicate the look of traditional building materials. Post coating with a UV protective coating can insure durability on inexpensive artificial materials such as fiberboard or light weight concrete that could be affixed to a wall.


Printing directly onto glass with an Arizona Series UV flatbed printer offers print providers exciting possibilities to produce printed glass pieces such as mirrors, signs, or wall dividers in office buildings. Short runs or personalized designs become economically feasible. Glass specialists can extend their business by adding a range of high value personalized glass products to their offering. Arizona Series printers can also be used to produce printed laminated or safety glass. An interlayer material is used to bond two glass plates together. The Arizona can print on the inside of one of the glass plates. This ensures that the print is completely protected against UV (90% is captured by the glass) and moisture.

perforated film

This is promotional advertising that is used to decorate glass surfaces and car windows. The perforated film with black backside allows you to look through it from the inside outwards, but at the same time displays the(printed) graphic if you are looking from the outside inwards. The typical lifetime of this application can be very temporary or semi permanent. Media The media used for this application are perforated self-adhesive vinyls, where the backside (the glued side) is black. Apart from various types and sizes of perforations, there are two main types: Media with a single liner: these are aimed to be used for Solvent and Latex printing process Media with a double liner: these are aimed to be used for UV printing processes